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Assorted photos of the Church

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Driffield Church of England Infant School Easter and Harvest Experience Days.

Easter 1

Easter 2 Easter 4Easter 5 Easter 19

Easter 6 Easter 7Easter 8Easter 11Easter 12

 Easter 13Easter 14Easter 15Easter 16Easter 17Easter 21Easter 18Harvest 1Harvest 2Harvest 3Harvest 4Harvest 5Harvest 6

Photos from the Craft Fair in November

Craft Fair 1Craft Fair 2

Craft Fair 3

Pictures from the Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival 1Christmas Tree Festival 2Christmas Tree Festival 10Christmas Tree Festival 11Christmas Tree Festival 12Christmas Tree Festival 3Christmas Tree Festival 4Christmas Tree Festival 5Christmas Tree Festival 6Christmas Tree Festival 7Christmas Tree Festival 8Christmas Tree Festival 9

Fairtrade Fortnight and Shared Lunch

Fairtrade lunchFairtrade lunch 2Fairtrade lunch 3