Mbeze Community Projects, Malawi

All Saints along with several other partners has and continues to be involved in supporting projects in Malawi. A number of members have visited this beautiful African country and have in the past hosted visitors from Malawi. The projects that we are currently helping include:

Mbeza Community Church and Mbulukuta Village

With substantial financial support from All Saints' Church a Maize Mill was completed and began operation in December 2013. This project will support some of the needs of Mbeza Community Church and its many related churches which are located in various rural parts of Malawi. These churches mainly have members who are materially extremely poor consisting of subsistence farmers.

Previous projects have included a borehole which was completed in 2012, an enterprise project providing work for 10 women who make an attractive bag which is sold at church and in other places and an agricultural improvement scheme supporting 30 farmers.

In July 2014 students and staff from Manor Church of England Academy in York will be visiting Mbulukuta village. They have raised funds to provide every home in the village with a clean, fuel efficient stove. This will have a dramatic impact on the health of the women and young children who breathe in cooking smoke from open fires every day. Cooking smoke is estimated to cause 13,000 deaths in Malawi each year as well as several acute health issues.

Pictured to the right is a brand new borehole

new borehole 

Malawian Orphans

There are over 1 million orphans in Malawi out of a population of 15 million. The main cause of this is HIV/AIDS. Malawi is making significant progress in tackling HIV and is supported by British Aid as well as many International Charities.

The charity MOSES was established in 2004 to provide sponsorship for orphans who need help paying their Secondary School fees. All Secondary School places in Malawi are fee paying, there is no free Secondary education like here in the UK. It began in 2004 with six sponsored students. Currently there are 35 students. If you would like to find out more you can visit the website or contact -


As a result of several visits to Malawi we have created a Gap project programme for students who would like to take a gap month or months in Malawi. There is opportunity to serve communities in Malawi in a number of ways including education, health, supporting orphans, working in a HIV centre or research projects. Our first two gap students head out to Malawi in February 2014. We have our own project house based in Zomba.

Jali Youth Centre and the Fire Festival

Jali Youth Center has been supported by Driffield School for a number of years now. We also have support from Manor Academy in York and Sale Grammar School in Manchester. This center provides HIV testing and Counselling and aims to engage young people with sports and recreational activities, education, referral to health services and support groups for those who are HIV positive. In 2013 a ‘Fire Festival' was launched. This is a choir competition which will be another strategy to engage communities in tackling the stigma that is associated with HIV.

For all of the projects mentioned here we coordinate our support through Peatry Green Ntodwa. He has visited the UK on five occasions bringing us updates about the projects. For those who are on facebook we also have a ‘Friends of Malawi' group which also regularly provides updates about the work in Malawi.  Pictured below is the Fire Festival Choir.

moto choir

Can you help ?

There are several ways that you could support the work that we are doing in Malawi.
1. Consider coming with us to Malawi on our next visit planned for 2015.
2. Promote the bag project by selling some of the bags. Could you display them for example at work? Or do you have contacts who would be interested in helping us promote this project?
3. Consider sponsoring a student through the Moses charity.www.malawianorphans.co.uk
4. Support the project by buying Fairtrade products at All Saints Church
5. Consider a Gap Project in Malawi.
6. Invite us to speak about the work that we are doing
For more details on all projects please contact Julian Watson via church.

bag ladies in Malawi

bag ladies in Malawi

Jess and HIV test

Peatry Ntodwa conducts a hiv test on Jessica Watson

teaching the pastors

Brian Crosby teaching the pastors of Mbeza Community Church