Children & Young People

At All Saints we believe that children and young people have a central role in the life of the worshipping community here in Driffield. They are not just the future of the church - they are at the heart of everything we do.

3:16...Our young people's activity

At our 3:16 group we aim to help our young people grow as Christians and prepare them to serve God in the church. We provide them with the opportunities to read the Bible together in a relevant modern translation; to worship together; to pray together and have lots of fun, in a warm friendly and secure setting. The children and young people chose the name for themselves after looking at Jesus' promise in John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16.

3:16 is able to work with children and young people at any age. Young people's activities take place in the church rooms (attached to the main building) from 10:45am until 11:45am when they return to the service for Communion and then have a chance to show and tell the congregation everything they have done and learnt. It is hoped that as the group grows in faith and confidence they will take an increasing role in our services.

On the 1st Sunday of each month the children have their own ‘Zone' where they enjoy a child friendly Christian video and other activities.

We warmly welcome all children and young people whether they are new, visiting or regular members.
Contact Valerie Salter on 01377 272234.

Crèche Facilities on Sundays 

Every Sunday in one of our church rooms we run a crèche for everyone who comes to our church to use if they choose for under school age children and babies. Parents are welcome to leave or stay with their children as there is always someone on duty to look after the children to give the parents the opportunity to come into the church for the service. The whole service is piped into this room so that anyone using the crèche can still hear what is going on in church.