Bell Ringing

The tower has six bells: two dating back to 1593, one 1683 and the other three added in 1880.

It is believed that the bells were rung regularly up to the late 1950's, after that they were chimed but not fully rung.

In 1997 the bells were removed, tuned and re-hung with new ringing fittings in the existing, but strengthened, bell frame by John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd.

On 2nd May 1998 prior to a service of rededication of the bells and in thanksgiving for the Golden Wedding of Dr and Mrs Alistair Dewhirst, who where married at All Saints on 1st May 1948 and also were one of the main benefactors of the restoration, a peel of 5040 Minor (6M) was rung in 2 hours 38 minutes.

Ringing for the 10.45am morning service, weddings and special events continues with our small but keen band of ringers.

Currently there are six of us, and if three or more of us turn up we manage to ring.

Additional ringers from local churches complement us for weddings and special events.

We are always on the lookout for new ringers and training and practices will be arranged for any one interested. Please contact Tony Goforth (01377 24187) for further details of how you can get involved.








John Warner & Sons, London



Praise Him in His Holiness (1880)


John Warner & Sons, London



Praise Him in His Power (1880)


John Warner & Sons, London



Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise the Lord. H  Newton Vicar (1880) 


 Samuel Smith I, York



Gloria in Altissimis Deo 1685 T D Church Warden SS Ebor (re-cast 1685)


 R.B (York)



+ In Honore Sancte Trinitstis Anno Dommini 1593


 R.B (York)



+ Hec Campana Beata Trinitate Sancta Fiat AD 1593 RB

 The peal is tuned to the key of F sharp (724 Hz)

The bells were removed, tuned and re-hung with all new ringing fittings in the existing bell frame in 1997 by John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd Loughborough