About All Saints' Church, Driffield

The Formal Bit

All Saints' Church is an Anglican, Christian Church serving the town of Driffield, within the Deanery of Harthill, which is part of the Diocese of York in England.

Our Vision and Values

We take as our overall vision that of our diocese which is "Generous churches making and nurturing disciples". This means we at All Saints are committed to upholding the elements of the vision namely: "Christlikeness, commitment, partnership, influence and numbers". In addition we have decided our values as a church should be that "We desire to be known as a church that is prayerful, compassionate, friendly, faithful, spiritual, supportive and joyful".

Who We are, and What We Aim to Do

We would see ourselves as a community of local Christians who work together, worship God together and seek to live out and make known the good news about Jesus Christ. We come from different backgrounds, are of different ages and each of us have a very individual story to tell about why we are Christians and how we came to be part of All Saints' here in Driffield. You can find out more about All Saints on the Church life section of this website.

We aim to be at the heart of our community through openness, availability to others and through giving practical and emotional support where there is need. We seek to warmly welcome anyone living in our area, or who are visiting.

We believe our worship reflects some of the diversity of Christian tradition and outlook. This diversity includes those of us who feel most at home in a traditional Anglican service and those of us who have an enthusiasm for more informal, renewed styles of worship. We mutual respect each other's approach and seek to maintain unity in diversity.